Beers of the Month: November 2013 (The month I almost forgot)

I am very late with this. I know and I am sorry but I still want to give the love to the beers that were the best in November!


Three Floyds – Brew Doo: “It’s Not Normal…..” This might just be one of my favorite bottles of all time.  I was expecting more of a rustic red color from the pour of this and that fall kind of taste.  That isn’t what I got from it at all and it was awesome!


Alchemist- Heady Topper: What can be said that hasn’t been said before?  That being said I did end up with a case so I am happy.  Still a fantastic beer and should be available if you plan out your trip to Vermont right!

mexican cake

Westbrook- Mexican Cake: What do you get when you add everything that makes a cake awesome with habanero peppers?  This of course.  This is about as awesome as an imperial stout gets!


Tree House- Sap: If there is one thing that Tree House does is that they make phenomenal IPAs.  This is no different at all!

yankee swap

Slumbrew- Yankee Swap: What do you get when you add and English Ale with Maple Syrup and let it age in an Oak Rum Barrel for a while?  This is what you get and it is delicious!

What 5 beers did you enjoy in November or are enjoying for Christmas?


Beerventure: Indiana and Michigan (Three Brewery Stops In One Day With A Surprising Twist)

So the day after the Chicago Marathon I felt it was a good idea to escape the city of Chicago for a day and head east to “Beer City 2013” Grand Rapids, MI. So a friend whom I had caught up with went with me on the trip.  Our first stop was Three Floyds Brewery and Brewpub in Munster:

Three Floyd’s is a very interesting place to say the least.  My assumption was that they opened up at 11 am but it didn’t open until 11:30.  There was already a couple of people waiting to get inside even though it wasn’t opening for 30 minutes.

Once inside it was what you would expect, There was a long line to the beer store side of things and the place started to fill up!


3 floyds 33floyds5


Three Floyd’s was very interesting to say the least.  It was in an industrial park which to be honest going to different breweries you will find a lot of breweries that are in industrial parks though.  That Bison Burger you see in the picture above with truffle fries was by far the best food I had on the full trip to Chicago including Giordano’s pizza!   The only think I was upset about is that there wasn’t more flight options available.  The only options available were the four house beers and there were more than 20 on their list.  My friend felt a little geeked out because this has to be the official brewery and brewpub of the movie “Heavy Metal”.  I mean the bartender was tattooed from head to toe with tattoos (emphasis on the face). After this we decided it was time to Grand Rapids.

Grand Rapids is an interesting town because it is just like any other town you have within a 30 mile radius if you are not in a Mountain time state. This being said it was interesting to go back to Eastern Standard time.  We arrived in at Founders and I must say that it almost looks like a nice bar or function hall and not so much a brewery if you look at it at the right angle.  In my opinion Founders is definitely a top 10 brewery with the beers they produce and their taste.  At the brewery they had the staples such as All Day IPA and Centennial Pale Ale but they also had some of their rare stuff like Barrel Aged Mango Main Guy!  Oh and just to say it Barrel Aged Mango Main Guy was just that good!





We next went to Brewery Vivant.  It was very interesting to say the least.  Built inside of a former church or funeral home you have to say there is some terrific ambiance here!  You could create your own flight here as well which was really cool.  Also I got to talk to some of the local residents about beer trading and the gentleman I spoke with brought up Night Shift in Massachusetts (I ran by foot there and back home the other night).  It was interesting to have a beer called “Love Shadow” which was really good as well! After this it was time to head back to Chicago…..

vivant1 vivant2




This is where the trouble began.  I was pulled over and I took a couple of minutes to do it.  The police officer was less than pleased and I couldn’t figure the car out to roll down the window (it was a rental car). That being said I was asked to step out of the car and take the test a police officer asks you to take when you have had a couple of beers to drink.  I had to describe what a flight was to the officer but I think he might have not understood.  Afterwards he ordered the breathalyzer.  It was a scary incident.  I didn’t feel close to drunk but scared.  I was pulled over because I left my headlights off! The breathalyzer was in another police car so I sat in the back of a police car with a plastic seat.  When the other officer got there they set it to zero! I blew into it….time elapsed… also think about my friend who is in the car waiting and not for sure what to do…it was a 0.50 which is .3 under the limit.  I was free to go but it was scary.  It made me realize and let others know that you have to be careful when you have had some beer to drink and you are driving!  Also I was suggested to go to TGIfridays up the street. I tried to find something more local but no luck.  I drove back to Chicago, ate a Chicago Style Hot Dog, Did my #deckaday, and then went to bed.

P.S. The video below is a prime example of what can happen to you if you do drink too much!